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    commented 2019-08-30 23:18:06 -0400
  • Bob Montgomery
    commented 2019-04-22 13:44:04 -0400


    Can you tell me what time Thursday Cory Booker will be in Spartanburg, and the nature of his visit? Thank you.
  • Alan Zurak
    commented 2019-02-05 11:28:49 -0500
    Hi Clay. This is Alan Zurak. I am just reaching out to you to let you know that I emailed you yesterday about info about my friend Allen Ellison. I am just making sure that you are aware that I sent the email because I know that emails sometimes go to spam boxes. Also, I am sure that you get plenty of emails and you might accidentally skip over sometimes. Also, you texted me yesterday. I know that you are able to text me, but I am not sure if when I text you if you receive it OR if it sends it back to me.

    Anyway, the point of all I am doing is for me to introduce an extraordinary man that I know would be very valuable to Cory and to yourself as well. Also, Allen has big political ambitions for the future, and I believe that you and your team members would be valuable to him as well. Based on everything that I know about him and also what I discovered about you, I feel that you two can form something very special together. My personal feel is that you and he need to get to know each other. I would like you to review the info links I sent to you yesterday in the email, and then I am hoping that you can get back to me and say lets do a meet and greet call. You, my friend, me, and anyone else that is part of your team that you feel would be perfect to be on the call would be awesome. I gave you some basic info about Allen, but there is so much more about him and the many amazing things he does not only hear in the U.S., but internationally also. And you and your close team members need to hear it from him.

    As I mentioned, I know a lot about Cory. And Allen is my good friend and business partner. I know how remarkable he is. So I see this amazing vision and something very special forming. I am literally introducing to Cory and you someone that is beyond valuable. Just like the Mona Lisa is priceless in art, Allen Ellison is priceless. There is no doubt in my mind how valuable Allen would be to Cory and you.

    Anyway, after you look over everything, let me know if you are or aren’t interested in moving forward. If you haven’t received my email for some reason or accidently erased it, please let me know, and I would gladly resend it to you. I just want to introduce Allen to you and I think the rest will be history as they say.


    Alan Zurak
  • Ethel Jefferson
    commented 2016-10-24 21:47:59 -0400
    Clay Middleton
  • Danita Kinlow
    commented 2016-09-28 12:11:51 -0400