My fellow SC Democrats-

Being active in Democratic Party and electoral politics is something I truly enjoy. I’ve seen what can be accomplished when a group of committed people work together to focus on the progress that can be made rather than settled for the status quo. 

From toiling for candidates and causes since high school to working for Congressman Jim Clyburn to serving as a field organizer under Gov. Howard Dean's DNC 50 State Strategy, I seek to do more for the Party that has given me so many opportunities.  I offered myself to be an advocate for the SC Democratic Party, develop and promote a platform that reflects true Democratic values, lead efforts to elect more democrats, and train a bench of future Democratic leaders.  

In the capacity of being a member of the Democratic National Committee, I am committed to doing just that. I believe my experience, talents, and energy will be value added to that body, to you, and the South Carolina Democratic Party.

I accept the task of working for you; the party activists that volunteer year after year and campaign after campaign and those currently disgruntled with the Party and for those that will be.  I look forward to strengthen and expanding our base and seek ways to ensure no one feels this Party does not value their cause or appreciate their perspective.

I sought this position not for self, not for something to do, and not just because; but rather to represent a generation that has a lot to offer, an attitude that doing the hard right versus the easy wrong still matters, and a belief that more binds us together than drives us apart. I understand that it often takes more than one term to make an impact at the DNC.  You can count on me to put in the time and hard work to represent the interests of the South Carolina Democratic Party on the DNC, whether it is to protect our First in the South Primary status, expand the financial support of state parties by the DNC, or support the needs of local county parties and such organizations.  

Thank you again for your vote of confidence, trust, and support as I represent you as a member of the Democratic National Committee from South Carolina. 



"Intentions Are Good, But Results Matter"

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